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I handcraft all my jewelry in my home studio.  Much of my jewelry is a unique combination of my own specially designed ceramics, which are then mixed together with silver and other metals.  Many of my pieces are reversible.  Below are descriptions of some of my products:

Ceramic pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings:  The ceramic elements are carefully made, and painstakingly glazed to get the perfect size and colors, which I prize.  Since ceramics shrink and colors change during firing, this process can be quite lengthy.  When I am content with a ceramic element, I use them to create unique pieces with the addition of carefully chosen stones and fabricated metal pieces.  The silver work is the last step in the process, and much care must be taken to not damage the fragile ceramic pieces during soldering, filing, and finishing.  The result is then a beautiful, lightweight, unique piece of art jewelry, which is two-sided and is designed to be worn either direction.

Enameled Figurines: My enameled figurines involve a lengthy construction process with many steps.  First, each of up to 30 small copper pieces must be carefully cut out with a jeweler's saw and hammered flat.  I then drill tiny holes around each piece for use in stitching during the last step.  The pieces are then enameled in a variety of colors and patterns, then, finally the last step (and my favorite) is sewing the figurine together with tiny silver wire.  This time consuming process is a labor of love - but I believe the results are worth it!

Wrapped pendants, necklaces, and earrings:  Using the same ceramic process as detailed above, I create a line of wrapped ceramic jewelry that is reversible, colorful, and fun.  The ceramic pieces are bound in silver and wrapped with fine wire.  Each piece has a different shape and is delightfully whimsical.

Bead necklaces and earrings:  I make my own ceramic beads for use in my necklaces and earrings.  I make them in a variety of shapes and colors.  They are extremely lightweight and easy to wear.  Click here to see how I make my beads.

Lace bracelets and necklaces:  My “lace” bracelets are an original design that I developed after weeks of trial and error.  This handsome chain drapes beautifully and looks great either with dressy or casual clothing.  I also make necklaces using a tighter version of this weave.

Woven chains and bracelets:  My “viking” chains, while being of an ancient design, are adapted to my style and are entirely hand-woven.  I use fine wire to make a delicate, supple chain that is perfect for holding my wrapped pendants.  My “woven” bracelets are made by carefully flattening a wide woven chain and then hammering it into a comfortable bracelet shape.

Reticulated rings:  These elegant rings are made with a special process called “reticulation.”  I do the involved reticulating process myself.  First I alloy a mixture of silver and copper, and then roll it out into sheet form.  The metal is then heat treated to bring a layer of fine (pure) silver to the surface, upon which I carefully bring out a “wrinkly” texture.  I next form the result into comfortable rings, edged in gold-filled wire, in a variety of widths and sizes.